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Yael Cohen Aris Nude in Camo (6 Photos)

Yael Cohen Aris has been turning heads lately with her bold fashion choices. This time, the Israeli model took it to a whole new level, posing nude in camouflage for a photo shoot.

The sultry brunette recently shared a shot of her nude camouflage on Instagram, and it got a lot of attention. Cohen Aris is wearing only camouflage-print shorts, which she pairs with a pair of black boots and a simple black strap.

The provocative look is sure to turn many heads, and it’s not hard to see why. Cohen Aris looks incredible in photos, with her trim body and sleek silhouette. Not to mention flawless makeup and a subtle smoky look that gives the image a distinctive edge.

The model is no stranger to bold looks. Recently she was spotted in a number of other revealing outfits, including a tight bodysuit for a magazine shoot and a sultry black lingerie set for a music video.

But this look is certainly one of the boldest. It takes a lot of confidence to do something like this, and Cohen Aris certainly has it in full measure.

The shoot was done by the famous Israeli photographer Dudi Hasson, who has worked with many celebrities. In the photos, Cohen Aris appears in various poses, all of which maximize her trim body and effortless beauty.

It’s definitely a bold image, but one that is sure to turn many heads. With her impressive modeling career, Yael Cohen Aris will surely continue to make waves with her fashion choices.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yaelaris/

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